Monday, May 4, 2009


pacquiao ko's hatton in 2 rounds!

i'm not a fan of boxing as i find it too brutal for a sport. but with manny's world-class talent and skills, i managed to see how pacman outclassed hatton in 2 rounds 4 times! yes, 4 times of quick and successive replays courtesy of solar sports! hehehehehe! i must say that i'm now a fan of him... even if i still laugh at his improving english and how he still embodies the jologs fervor. and of course, because of him, the entire nation becomes one in a little under an hour. zero crime rate and warring politicos become one and all.

i just hope that he soon realizes that politics polarizes the society. when he lets himself used by inept trapos, he would drown in political mud and lose his unifying aura. politics just isn't his thing, he should heed the advice of wise sports commentators and stay as an unmuddled inspiration to young athletes, even from other sports.

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