Thursday, October 19, 2017

Punta Bunga

"Love as I know it now is the fountainhead of all hurt."
- One Rainbow for the Duration by Ligaya V. Fruto

Punta Bunga beach, Boracay,
Malay, Aklan, Philippines.August 2017

sunnies café

i have passed by lane p (in BGC) many times before and have since noticed a new eating hunt in bonifacio high street. it is called sunnies café, which was already there for quite some time now. but never had i any chance to sample this one, until my sister and yuri didn’t know where to go during that one weekday in august.

the prices are on the heftier side, especially for comfort food. but no te preocupes… if the food is great, i don’t mind paying a little bit more than usual. the ambience was totally cool, the modern feel was good and the tables were good-spaced, not too crowded. and of course, we all just wanted to have our bellies filled, we were super hungry! everything went well. sunnies café have attentive staff and crew. i ordered for stovetop pork chops. this one comes with scallion brown rice, french beans, marble potatoes and the meat was described as 2-day brined chop.

and then the food was served. my sister got honey garlic crispy chicken and it looked good (also tasted well according to her). my stovetop pork chops also looked nice, although a little bit bland in terms of the color. but once again, no te preocupes, the chops should be good. but no!! it was one of those “tough moments" when the meat fights back and does not have any plans of cooperating with your knife and fork. it was leathery and hard… nothing of the nice gravy could have done wonders with it. since the meat was stringy, even the nice side dishes and brown rice could not save the meal. the pork chop was super hard!!!

the manager asked how the food was and i didn’t mince (i could not mince the meat after all!) any words… “it was pure tough meat”, i said to her! she offered to have it changed. but when the new stovetop pork chop was served, it was all the same! the meat was still hard, stringy, leathery and chewy. i guess it’s how they prepared it.

defeated and actually feeling bad and cheated about spending PHP 370 on a leathery pork chop, off we went and i said that never will i step in sunnies café again. i tweeted about it and tagged sunnies café but didn’t get any reply. i guess they’re still making money to even lift a finger on one customer who had a whole lot of “hard” time with their hard pork chop.

lesson learned… when the meat goes tough, we should be tougher on the establishments! 😊 we all deserve only the best, right?!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


it's the time of the year!! it's that time when i start collecting stickers to get hold of the giving journal from coffee bean and tea leaf (CBTL) philippines. i'm super excited!

Sunday, October 15, 2017


have you tried pancake house's new chocnut pancake?! if you haven't done so, you should troop to the nearest branch and have your fill. hurry up and get cracking!

Monday, October 9, 2017


We do not choose our destiny. 
- Stannis Baratheon

Maripipi, Biliran, Philippines
January 2016

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Shwe Dagon

brothers and sisters... whatever religion it is. 

Shwe Dagon Pagoda,
Yangon, Myanmar.
December 2016

Thursday, September 28, 2017

di bati

panalo sa katatawanan ang satirong hatid nito.
panalo sa patawang birada sa mga pulitikong nagnais na tumakbo sa panguluhan nitong nakaraang taon. 
panalo si kaladkaren davila.
pinakapanalo si senator meriam!

Monday, September 25, 2017


it was such a priceless moment... when two of the greatest teamed up in a doubles match. what a show, one of the great moments of this season. roger federer and rafael nadal!! vamos fedal!

Friday, September 22, 2017


the hardest movies to watch more than once... i've only seen three: irrerversible, schindler's list and the passion of the christ. i really need to see requiem for a dream, boys don't cry, we need to talk about kevin, american history x and dogville. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017


a network of reflecting pools.

Calayan Island, Calayan Group of Islands, Cagayan
March 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017


like many said, if you want to be in an interesting chat about politics (and on almost anything under the sun but mostly politics), hop on a taxi and engage in a friendly conversation with the driver. some said that taxi drivers are the true pulse of the nation. arguments (especially if the gentleman has entirely different views compared with yours), intelligent banter, a little bit of friendly tease and of course the pinoy way of personal and one-on-one heckling – all these will make for an out of the ordinary commuting. i commute daily, used to be via regular taxis,  until the shared economy finally got me into the bandwagon of these 3rd platform babies or in my ICT industry analyst lingo, early disruptors. these days, most of my daily trips to and from the office are divided between uber and grab. i must say that the conversations are not that colourful anymore since most grab and uber drivers are not that into politics, may be on the quiet side, or are too busy waze-ing their way in a colossal maze called metro manila.

on my way to my satur-date with the emmanuel charismatic community this afternoon, i got into a regular taxi and this manong driver immediately talked about jinggoy estrada's freedom from incarceration. he continued to say that in the first 15 months of this current administration, all he saw were crooked and high profile individuals getting pardoned, acquitted of any wrongdoings, reprieved from facing the full tune of the law, getting undeserved amnesty and one even being allowed to be buried in the libingan ng mga bayani with full military honors. he of course was talking about gloria macapagal-arroyo, sandra cam, janet napoles, drug and gambling lords and of course, the dictator ferdinand marcos. all these happen while innately good servant-leaders like vice president leni robredo, ombudsman conchita carpio-morales, chief justice ma. lourdes sereno, senator risa hontiveros, judy taguiwalo, gina lopez (isn't it a wonder why dutertards and pdut's allies for the most part attack leaders who are women??), get whacked by fake news mongerers, figuratively dismembered by powerful individuals who want to remove them from office or dismissed by duterte's allies who certainly want to protect their own interests and push their own selfish agenda.

all these in manong's own words show "a sad and sorry state of the country, far from what seemed to be exciting and promising because of the sweeping changes duterte championed during the campaign in order to win the elections". this manong driver did not hesitate to say that for the most part of the last 18 months or so, he was a fervent ka-DDS and would gamely slot in convos to defend duterte from anyone who has different ideas about the sitting president. but with how the last 15 months have transpired and with the recent developments, his strong belief on duterte is slowly starting to wane. he now doubts whether duterte will be that "best-ever president" as it's now becoming clear… his "idol" is not delivering.

he said that he has yet to see what pdut has pledged to do. all he heard were duterte's resolve to clobber anyone who tries to disagree and criticize his moves. what he has so far seen were duterte's moves to pay his powerful financiers back, his end of the political barter, in order to recompense the immense capital outlay these twisted individuals/families have invested in and provided for him. manong driver also said that it is now becoming apparent that pdut has no firm grip on reality and is using his tough demeanor to worm his way out of his many wide-of-the-mark pronouncements and actions. and to make matters worse, it's starting to dawn on this ka-DDS that duterte has no clear vision for the country, except his myopic war on drugs, his denial that his war on drugs are actually anti-poor and his even bigger crusade against his critics. it is now becoming evident to this ka-DDS that duterte is no different from the traditional politicians the filipinos loathe. he's as what the term says, trapo… conventional politico bent on nothing but to protect himself first and foremost, his so-called allies and will continue to do so since they do not have genuine and sincere concern for the country and its people.

with talks on duterte contemplating a martial law declaration and the aforementioned missteps by this administration, i could not help but to ask manong, "are you now regretting voting for duterte?" i can sense that the rabid ka-DDS in him wanted to kick me off the car as if i'm antonio trillanes but to my pleasant surprise, he said that he's at that 50-50 point. he still believes that he voted for the right candidate among the 5 presidentiables. but at the same time, it's becoming hard to swallow the fact that his candidate is slowly becoming a disappointment because of his several facepalm moves, keeping inept, bungling and unclean individuals like vitaliano aguirre, salvador panelo, mocha uson in his midst and having no clear accomplishments yet after 1 full year in power.

no gloating on my part though. what i'm glad is the truth that there are some reasonable ka-DDSes, those who look beyond the absent partylines and not mockingly brand those who voice different opinions as dilawan. these are the individuals who are gradually able to become conscious of duterte's erroneous steps and are not afraid to point these out. these are the persons who realize that fanatical belief of one person is a dangerous thing and believing that duterte is a heaven-sent saviour is 100% false. i hope that there are more of the likes of manong driver – those who slowly understand that politics, power, administration, governance are not about a single person… that it is about the good of the country and all pinoys.

our short but worthy of note convo ended on a good note – both of us are still full of hope for the country… that the philippines is a great nation and the filipinos may have a lot of things to work on but once we finally get our groove on, we can grow and prosper together.

salamat, manong and god bless the philippines.