Saturday, March 28, 2009


this letter is from lilian de vera, wife and mother of 2 innocent victims of the paranaque shootout in december of last year. sad things do happen to good people. since our law enforcement agencies are riddled with inept and corrupt men of uniform, even those that are not involved get tangled in muddy and questionable police operations. while such cases rarely see light after a long process of injustice, i hope that rightful justice will eventually be served.

Two months ago I considered myself as one of those blessed and happiest people on earth. Why not? I married a guy who was an epitome of kindness. A guy who worshipped even the footsteps I made. More importantly, our union blessed us with a daughter who not only became the main source of our happiness....more so; she was the center of our lives.

We're simple folks who led a simple life. We felt the happiest even about mundane things and inconsequential ones that most people would only take for granted. Our joy mostly revolved on simple pleasures like a sudden trip to Jollibee or a late night marauding of the fridge for any leftovers.

A perfect family with simple delights, dreams and aspirations......... until that fateful night on December 5, 2008. The day my husband and daughter were taken away from me in a very violent way. That Friday night on December 5, 2008 marked the beginning of all the terror, anguish and misery in my life.

In keeping with my ritual or "panata" on every first Friday of every month, I went to Quiapo Church on the above mentioned date to pay homage and respect to the Almighty One. My husband and daughter were supposed to pick me up in Pasay City after which we planned on giving our daughter a treat to Jollibee. While riding the jeep, I tried to call my husband to tell him that I was on my way to our meeting place. But despite all the calls I made, my husband remained silent. A very unusual occurrence inasmuch as he seldom missed my calls. Despite my trepidation and wonder, I took the next jeep going home and prayed that everything was alright. I even promised to myself that I would forgive my husband for not answering my calls and for forgetting to pick me up.

I felt relieved when near our place my phone rung. Such relief was somehow only momentary.... in fact the phone call I got was the bearer of the worst news in my entire life. My helper called, only to tell me that my husband and daughter were shot to death by "men in uniform". The same men who were sworned to protect innocent people from bad guys brutally slew the two most important persons in my life. They were the same men whose sacred duty was to preserve the lives of the public against all harm and danger. Yet.......they were the same men who murdered my love ones in the most cruel, savage and inhuman way..

My husband's face was unrecognizable because he was shot in the head at close range while he was kneeling with his head bowed down. My daughter's young body was riddled with bullets, one hit her head, blowing her brains out… all from too powerful guns and ammunitions fired by the "men in uniform" on two innocent and defenseless persons.

The "men in uniform" were allegedly on a mission to take some gang of robbers victimizing people at large. The police shot the crosswind van my husband and daughter were riding Based on some witnesses' narration, the police sprayed bullets into the van despite the lack of provocation or shots coming from the van. In his last effort to save their lives, my husband grabbed my bloodied daughter and shielded her with his body while trying to run away from the police and tried to get cover from a parked jeepney. My husband and daughter were so defenseless.. How can you mistake a child for a robber? How can you shot at someone who was already kneeling with head bowed, an indication of helplessness.

My husband and daughter are gone.......forever. The pain I feel for their lost is too much too bear. And the only thing that motivates me to go on with life is the mission to seek justice for their senseless killing. If the people who are responsible for their death will be punished, if I could bring them the justice they so richly deserve, my pain would be alleviated. The misery I will live by will be lessened. My husband and daughter will be vindicated and I will learn to live the remaining years of my life in peace.

Thus, I'm asking and begging everyone who will come across this letter/e-mail to forward the same to all your relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Help me bring my cause to the eyes of the people capable of steering the wheel of justice to the right direction. Help me make the loudest cry worthy of attention by those people in-charge in rendering justice to those who deserve it.

Strength comes in numbers; it is where the impossible becomes possible. It is also where the unattainable becomes achievable.

My heartfelt gratitude for everyone who will take a moment in their too busy lives and forward this letter/e-mail to everyone they know. May God always protect you and your love ones from all harm.

- Lilian de Vera


nagpatay ka ba ng ilaw
at mga kasangkapang de-kuryente ngayong gabi?

isang oras lang naman, magmula alas 8:30 hanggang alas 9:30.
malaking bagay na 'yun.

Monday, March 23, 2009


At his press conference after his quarterfinal win over Juan-Martin del Potro, Nadal shows up with two chocolate chip cookies and starts to eat them as he talks.

Q. I'm surprised to see you eating cookies. Are they chocolate chip cookies?


Nadal says "Yeah," but his smile says, "So? What about it?"

Q. I was wondering if you have things like that quite a bit? I always think athletes have a very regimented diet and don't indulge. 

RAFAEL NADAL: Not me. (Laughter.) 

Long pause, Nadal flashes what you might call a s--- eating grin.

"My opinion, you can eat everything. Well, before the match maybe don't have five cookies or one steak, but my opinion, you can eat everything in the right time. If I eat right now, 20 cookies, maybe I gonna have indigestion tonight. If I eat two, three cookies, maybe it's OK.

Maybe not for the stomach, no, but for the head it's better. (Laughter.) In the end, the important thing is to be mentally okay.

Q. Better mental preparation? 


Saturday, March 21, 2009


one of the highlights of my trip to china in january of this year was this - shopping in shanghai's qipulo district. divisoria-like, this street has all the assortment, from clothes, accessories, imitation items, souvenir, bags, shoes. during the whole trip, we were actually here twice. first was during our first day in shanghai, only to get the necessary gloves and warmer for us to survive the freezing temperature. on our last day, we went back to do some serious shopping.

this is where i got my sisters' bags and also a body bag for kuya bob. for myself, i bought a D&G watch (fake!). while haggling techniques differ as some are not as effective, these are some points that can help you strike a good deal:

- as is the case in many market places, haggle. if you can, your first haggle should be at least 80% lower from the vendor's initial offer. then, work your way around the vendor to get the best deal.

- if the vendor doesn't want to give in to your ultra-kuripot tawad, try to look away and start making those little steps aways from the stall. usually, the vendor will ask you, "ok, how much you like for this?"... and many would even grab your arm so that you won't leave. if the vendor doesn't make any effort, it's time for you to leave!

- while some items are cheaper in stalls outside the malls, the variety of the products that you can look at inside the malls will help you land some cheap thrills as well.

- always look for alternatives from other stalls. i got a warmer for over rmb 50, but on the other side of the street, they were offering the same for rmb 30.

- shanghainese vendors keep fake units in the malls, but in stalls that are closed. you can find these class A units hidden in closed stores, with a help of individuals who are in the streets, you can visit these stalls and look at some of the best ones. of course, points 1 & 2 still apply when haggling for these products.

- as "made in china" has somewhat became synonymous to low quality and/or counterfeit, make sure that your items are of good quality before handing your rmbs over.

- shanghainese people speak very little english. so a cheap phone for a calculator would come handy.

- our trip to qipulo was a bit off timed because most of the sale items were for winter, which of course, are useless in the philippines. so time your visit during summer.

- you don't have to worry for lunch, as food vendors also roam around the malls. for as low as 6 rmbs, you can get rice meals already. it can range from your usual breaded pork to fish fillet and other easy-to-eat viands. oh and it also goes with veggies, plus you can choose from a variety of sauces.

- walk, walk and walk.

happy shopping!


sa wakas... pinal na ang aming lipad patungong batanes sa darating na mayo. salamat kay tiny abrugar ng zestair at nakasilo kami ng iskedyul na akma sa naisin ng bawat isa sa 'ming pito.

mahaba-haba rin ang naging proseso nito. makaraang tumalbog ang email ni mylene kay jo trinidad, ang tagapamahala ng zestair sa ugnayang pangkostumer, di ko na tinigilan ang pagtawag sa linyang ibinigay ng mga kawani sa tanggapan nila na malapit sa greenbelt. at mula roon, nakilala ko si tiny. ayon sa kanya, nauunawaan ng zestair na may pananagutan sila sa amin, di lamang dahil n'ung nakaraang setyembre pa ang aming pagpapareserba, kundi dahil abut-abot ang abalang idinulot ng dagliang pagkansela sa lahat ng lipad patungong basco. nakapagpareserba na kami ng tuluyan at higit sa lahat, naiayos na ng lahat ang mga pagliban sa kanya-kanyang mga trabaho. kaya naman, ipinilit kong maipalista kami sa seair, na walang anupamang dagdag na bayad. wala nang bakante sa orihinal na iskedyul, pero sa pagpupursige (at upang makaiwas na rin siya sa mga reklamador na tulad ko) ni tiny, naipareserba niya kami para makalulalan sa lipad sa ika-25 ng marso, balik naman ay sa ikaw-28 ng marso.

medyo ok na sana, pero dahil sa mga personal na kadahilanan, nahati sa 2 ang grupo. abala sina kr at cathy sa mga trabaho sa opisina at si jeo naman ay may ibang lakad. naiwan kami nila mylene, mabel at det para sa bagong iskedyul. pero ang mayamang si mylene pala ay nakabili na rin ng tiket sa konsiyerto ni craig david sa marso 28, at malabo na niyang maibenta ang tiket na nagkakahalaga ng 2,000. kaya ayun, wala kaming ibang magagawa kundi pasubukin muli si tiny na magpareserbang muli para sa pito, ngunit dapat ay sa buwan na ng abril. sa kamalasan namin, wala nang bakante sa anumang lipad ng seair sa buwan ng abril. ang meron na lang ay sa mayo, 9-12. ok na rin, bagamat sa likod ng aming mga isipan ay ang pag-aalala at paghahangad na sana ay di pa gaanong maulan ng mga panahon na 'yun. sa madaling sabi, naipilit na rin namin ang lahat sa lipad na ito. lahat kaming 7.

buti na lang at maayos ang pakikipag-ugnayan ni tiny. bagamat may mga pangako siyang napako tulad ng di pagtawag gayong nakapangako siyang tatawagan ako, salamat na rin at naikuha niya kami ng iskedyul. maaaring nanggogoyo rin siya sa pagsasabing wala nang bakante sa ibang lipad, pero nais ko pa ring isipin na nakikisuyo lang din siya sa seair kahit na nga ba mayroon silang ugnayan at dahil dito, di na abot pa ng kanyang kontrol kung maisisingit nga ba kaming lahat o hindi. siyempre, nais pa rin naming pumunta ng batanes nang sabay-sabay, kaya naman lahat ng pakiusapan ay ginawa. may halong pagkayamot na rin, kung kaya't nais ko na lamang na matapos na ito at mag-isip ng ibang masayang bagay.

at dahil sa may upuan na kami sa lipad ng seair pa-batanes, nakahinga na ako ng maluwag. ngunit lingid sa aking kaalaman, may naghihintay pa palang mas malaki (at pangit) na balakid sa aming lakad - si kokey! sa mayo pa ang lipad namin at kaukulang pagliban. at kahit marso pa lamang ngayon, minarapat na namin agad magpaalam, sa gayon makapagplano sa mga darating na proyekto at maiwasan ang anumang aberyang maaaring idulot ng aming liban. ngunit hindi. nag-ungkat na naman ng mga walang kapararakang bagay, sa gayon mabanat niya ang kanyang kapangyarihan. sa mga gan'tong pagkakataon, ang dapat na gawin ay siguraduhin lamang na maayos ang mga bagay-bagay, di na kailangan pang palakihin ang isyu. kung ganito lang din, di sana ay di na nagpaalam nang maayos at bigla na lang lumiban sa mga araw na 'yun nang walang pasabi. di ko pa rin mawari kung paano ang tugma ng mga ideya ni kokey. 'pag walang paalam, may masasabi. ngunit 'pag maayos ang pakikipag-usap, mas maraming isyung bubungkalin! gan'on ba talaga 'pag ang mukha mo tila kabubungkal lamang sa lupa?

ang zestair kasi. kundi nila kinansela ang lipad, walang mga ganitong isyu. ngayon, nagsisipag-upload na sana kami ng mga piktyur at tema na ng bawat tanghalian ang mga tanawin sa batanes. haaaayyy!

sana naman at wala nang iba pang aberya 'pag malapit na ang aming lipad.

Friday, March 13, 2009


kapag pumapatak ang a-trece sa biyernes, marami ang nagsasabi na ibayong kamalasan ang dala nito. sabi ng encarta sa msn, bumabalik sa huling hapunan ni hesus ang paniniwalang malas ang araw na ito dahil sa presensya ni hudas. ang numerong 12 ay itinuturing na simbulo ng pagiging ganap o buo - 12 buwan sa isang taon, 12 oras sa isang araw, 12 apostoles atbp. kung kaya't ang pagkakaroon ng 13 tao sa huling hapunan ay pinaniwalaang nagdulot ng malas.

sa araw na ito, wala namang grabeng malas ang nangyari sa akin. pinakamalas na siguro ang di pagkakaroon ng barya ni manong traysikel drayber kung kaya't kinailangan ko pang bumili ng tinapay para mabayaran siya. pagdating sa opis, tamad-tamaran ulit! siyempre, pakiramdam ko ay sabado na naman. ganyan na yata talaga ang kalakaran tuwing biyernes, na kung maaari lang ay hilahin ang oras at ang inaasam na ala-6 ay dumating na.

kahit na sabado na nga ang pakiramdam ko, malas ko pa rin dahil umaapaw ang mga pr na kailangang ayusin at i-edit. madalas kesa hindi, kailangang muling isulat ang bawat talata, sa gayon pumasa sa mapanuring mata ng aming direktor. at dahil sa biyernes na, karamihan nito ay ipinagpalunes ko na. ang hirap mag-isip 'pag ang ang tanging nasa kukote mo lang ay kung ano ang maaaring gawin mamayang gabi o may lamyerda bang maaaring puntahan.
buti na lang at may interesanteng pelikula - watchmen. at di naman ako minalas sa palabas na ito. bagamat mahaba ng di hamak sa ibang pelikulang aksyon na halaw sa komiks, nawili naman ako sa tema, talakay at kabuuan nito.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


happy white day! wahahahaha! we don't have anything like this here in the philippines, but just the same, happy white day!

White Day in Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day is observed by females who present chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), usually to a male, as an expression of love. The handmade chocolate is usually preferred by the receiver, because it is a sign that the receiving male is the girl's "only one". On White Day, the converse happens: males who received a "honmei-choco" [chocolate of love] or "giri-choco" [courtesy chocolate] on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts, usually more expensive. Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies, underwear, white chocolate, marshmallows as well as jewelry, and stuffed animals. Sometimes the term sanbai gaeshi (literally, "thrice the return") is used to describe the generally recited rule that the return gift should be two to three times the cost of the Valentine's gift.

White Day in South Korea
White Day is also observed in South Korea, with an additional later
Black Day observed for those sharing singleness.

White Day was first celebrated in 1978 in
Japan. It was started by the National Confectionery Industry Association (全国飴菓子工業協同組合) as an "answer day" to Valentine's Day on the grounds that men should pay back the women who gave them chocolate and other gifts on Valentine's Day. In 1977 a Fukuoka-based confectionery company, Ishimura Manseido (石村萬盛堂), marketed marshmallows to men on March 14, calling it Marshmallow Day (マシュマロデー).

Soon thereafter, confectionery companies began marketing white chocolate. Now, men give both white and dark chocolate, as well as other edible and non-edible gifts, such as jewelry or objects of sentimental value, or white clothing like lingerie, to women from whom they received chocolate on Valentine's Day one month earlier. If the chocolate given to him was giri choco, the man as well may not be expressing actual romantic interest, but rather a social obligation.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


huangpu is shanghai's answer to manila's pasig, minus of course the pollution, squatters and all of manila's underbelly. to some extent, this river is shanghai's victoria harbor, dividing the city into 2, puxi on the west and pudong on the east. along its banks, the bund and pudong's skyline are located.

when we got to shanghai in january of this year, it was freezing! not to mention the cold winds being swept from huangpu, so we just made a quick visit to this historic place and off we went to nanjing road and then to the hostel. but the fleeting moment we had at huangpu's viewdeck made me wonder how pinoys really tend to forget past heritage. while shanghai is and has been seeing dizzying heights of industrialization, the bund and all of its glory is still maintained, even to the point of controlling the building heights in this area, primarily because of the role this place has played in the evolution of this city. along with this, the river is also maintained and cared for. while shanghai's huangpu river is just a body of water, the marvel behind is how shanghainese people managed to shield it from decay and urban degradation and still make use of it for transportation and now, tourism.

not in the philippines. we don't have anything like these due to neglect and sordid thoughts on the significance of preserving heritage and nature. one needs to travel to other countries such as china to appreciate co-existence of nature and urban development.


ang haba na ng diskusyon sa isyung ito. kaya eto, basa! (",)

TO THE WRITER of the "Ambivalent Pinoy" chain letter.

Whats up with these people always comparing the past to the present? Hello!!! Its 2009 na. Hindi ka na makakakita ng batis (Pinas man or any other countries) na pwedeng paglabhan.

Ever heard of the word PROGRESS??? Though I must admit, there are negative effects of progress. But as a whole, its progress that keeping us always on our toes. Making our lives easier, better and exciting!!!

Isipin mo na lang kung hanggang ngayon eh wala pa ring jeep, kotse, bus or lrt ang pinas? Kung gusto mong maglaro ng basketball sa lupa na nakapaa, humayo ka!!! I dont think may makikipaglaro pa sa yo ng ganun. I dont even think na makakakita ka pa ng kort na lupa eh.

Yes, I AM A PROUD FILIPINO. I still STOP kapag kinakanta ang Lupang Hinirang. Hindi ako nagtatapon ng basura sa kalsada ng Singapore. Hindi rin ako nagtatapon ng basura sa kalsada ng Pinas! Sumusunod ako sa batas ng ibang bansa. At sumusunod din ako sa batas ng Pilipinas. Kaya tigilan mo na ang paninira sa mga katulad kong pinoy.

Heto ang tanung!?

Bakit ang ibang Pinoy ang hilig siraan ang sarili? Hindi na ba mawawala ang CRAB mentality nyo (patungkol sa mga taong mahilig gumawa ng chain letter na naninira ng kapwa pinoy)?

(novahighsch yahoogroups)


It's all about values folks! What do you think?

Meron akong gustong ibahagi para sa ating lahat na mga PILIPINO. Simple pero parang mahirap gawin ng karamihan sa atin. Hindi ito makukuha sa puro daldalan lang or walang kabuluhang pagtatalo, kumilos tayo ngayon na.

Sa ibang bansa: Pag nagkasala ang Pinoy, pinarusahan siya ayon sa batas.

Sa PINAS: Pag nagkasala ang ang Pinoy, ayaw niyang maparusahan kasi sabi niya mali raw ang batas.

Sa ibang bansa: Pinag-aaralan muna ng Pinoy ang mga batas bago siya pumunta roon, kasi takot siyang magkamali.

Sa PINAS: Pag nagkamali ang Pinoy, sorry kasi hindi raw niya alam na labag sa batas iyon.

Sa ibang bansa: Kahit gaano kataas ang bilihin at tax sa USA okey lang, katuwiran natin doble kayod na lang.

Sa PINAS: mahilig ka sa last day para magbayad ng tax minsan dinadaya mo pa o kaya hindi ka nagbabayad. Rally ka kaagad kapag tumaas ang pasahe at bilihin sa halip na magsipag mas gusto natin ang nagkukwentuhan lang sa munisipyo o kahit sa alinmang tanggapan.

Sa Singapore: Kapag nahuli kang nagkalat or nagtapon ng basura sa hindi tamang lugar, magbabayad ka na 500 Singapore dollars. Sabi ng Pinoy, okey lang kasi lumabag ako sa batas.

Sa Pinas: Kapag nagkamali ang Pinoy katulad nang ganito, Sabi ng Pinoy, ang lupit naman ni Bayani Fernando , mali naman ang pinaiiral niyang batas eh akala mo kung sino.. Ayun nag-rally na ang Pinoy, gustong patalsikin si Bayani Fernando kahit na alam niyang mali siya.

Mga igan, ilan pa lang iyan baka may iba pa kayong alam.

Bakit ang PINOY, pwedeng maging 'law abiding citizen sa ibang bansa ng walang angal' pero sa sarili nating bayang PILIPINAS na sinasabi ninyong mahal natin, eh hindi natin magawa, BAKIIITTTTT? ????????

ETO PA, 'Ang Pilipino NOON at NGAYON':
NOON: Wow ang sarap ng kamote (kahit nakaka-utot)

NGAYON: Ayaw ko ng kamote gusto ko French Fries (imported eh)
NOON: Wow ang sarap ng kapeng barako

NGAYON: Ayaw ko niyan gusto kong kape sa STARBUCKS (imported coffee 100 pesos per cup)
NOON: Bili ka ng tela para magpatahi ng pantalon like maong

NGAYON: Gusto ko LEVI'S, WRANGLER, LEE (Tapos rally tayo 'GMA tuta ng KANO ') Di ba tuta ka rin naman.
NOON: Sabon na Perla OK ng pampaligo

NGAYON: Gusto mo DOVE, HENO DE PRAVIA, IVORY, etc. may matching shampoo pa
NOON: Pag naglaba ka batya at palopalo ok na, minsan banlaw lang sa batis pwede na

NGAYON: Naka-washing machine ka na plus ARIEL powder soap with matching DOWNY pa para mabango. Alam ko mas marami pa ang alam ninyo tungkol dito, pero mangilan-ngilan lang iyan para bigyan ng pansin..

Mga Pilipino nga ba tayo? O baka sa salita lang at E-Mail pero wala naman sa gawa.

My Fellow Filipinos,

When I was small, the Philippine peso was P7 to the $dollar. The president was Diosdado Macapagal. Life was simple. Life was easy. My father was a farmer. My mother kept a small sari-sari store where our neighbors bought sang-perang asin, sang-perang bagoong, sang-perang suka, sang-perang toyo at pahinging isang butil na bawang. Our backyard had kamatis, kalabasa, talong, ampalaya, upo, batao, and okra. Our silong had chicken¡­ We had a pig, dog & cat. And of course, we lived on the farm. During rainy season, my father caught frogs at night which my mother made into batute (stuffed frog), or just plain fried. During the day, he caught hito and dalag from his rice paddies, which he would usually inihaw. During dry season, we relied on the chickens, vegetables, bangus, tuyo, and tinapa.. Every now and then, there was pork and beef from the town market.
Life was so peaceful, so quiet, no electricity, no TV. Just the radio for Tia Dely, Roman Rapido, Tawag ng Tanghalan and Tang-tarang- tang.. And who can forget Leila Benitez on Darigold Jamboree? On weekends, I played with my neighbours (who were all my cousins). Tumbang-preso, taguan, piko, luksong lubid, patintero, at iba pa. I don't know about you, but I miss those days.

These days, we face the TV, Internet, e-mail, newspaper, magazine, grocery catalog, or drive around. The peso is a staggering and incredible P47 to the $dollar. Most people can't have fun anymore. Life has become a battle. We live to work. Work to live. Life is not easy. Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia in 1983.. It was lonely, difficult, & scary. It didn't matter if you were a man or a woman. You were a target for rape. The salary was cheap & the vacation far between. If the boss didn't want you to go on holiday, you didn't. They had your passport. Oh, and the agency charged you almost 4 months of your salary (which, if you had to borrow on a '20% per month arrangement' meant your first year's
pay was all gone before you even earned it).

The Philippines used to be one of the most important countries in Asia. Before & during my college days, many students from neighboring Asian countries like Malaysia , Indonesia , Japan and China went to the Philippines to get their diplomas. Until 1972, like President Macapagal, President Marcos was one of the most admiredpresidents of the world. The Peso had kept its value of P7 to the $dollar until I finished college.
Today, the Philippinesis famous as the 'housemaid' capital of the world.It ranks very high as the 'cheapest labor' capital of the world, too. We have maids in Hong Kong, laborers in Saudi Arabia , dancers in Japan , migrants and TNTs in Australia and the US , and all sorts of other 'tricky' jobs in other parts of the globe.

Quo Vadis, Pinoy? Is that a wonder or a worry? Are you proud to be a Filipino, or does it even matter anymore? When you see the Filipino flag and hear the Pambansang Awit, do you feel a sense of pride or a sense of defeat & uncertainty? If only things could change for the better...... . . Hang on for this is a job for Superman. Or whom do you call? Ghostbusters. Joke. Right?

This is one of our problems.
We say 'I love the Philippines ¡­ I am proud to be a Filipino.'

When I send you a joke, you send it to everyone in your address book even if it kills the Internet. But when I send you a note on how to save our country & ask you to forward it, what do you do?

You chuck it in the bin.

I want to help the maids in Hong Kong ... I want to help the laborers in Saudi Arabia ... I want to help the dancers in Japan ... I want to help the TNTs in America and Australia ...

I want to save the people of the Philippines ... But I cannot do it alone. I need your help and everyone else's.
So please forward this e-mail to your friends. If you say you love the Philippines , prove it. And if you don't agree with me, say something anyway. Indifference is a crime on its own.


...tuts my barreh
throw me on the bay
i just wanna mek yu fill like yu never dee
tuts my barreh
rape me in my thighs!!!