Monday, March 31, 2014


yokozuna food at sekitori, little tokyo, makati. what a super filling dinner it was. yakitori was also good. a bit pricey but it was all worth it. downside? some palengkera servers. 

two oceans

let's celebrate a good week that was with cabernet saugvignon merlot! 


nothing beats good old homecooked food! thanks for that weekend treat - authentic dinengdeng!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


"highly miserable people are much more accepted in society as opposed to someone that is happy and upbeat all the time, who can be looked at as ‘weird’ or ‘strange’." very true. what's even unsettling is that miserable people are everywhere, especially in most of today's workforce. for me, these four are the true mark of some miserable individuals i've met during this decade.

They live in and glorify the past

We’ve all done it, said things like ‘it was so much better when I was a kid’ except highly miserable people tend to live their lives stuck in the past rather than remembering it fondly and moving on. They’ll talk about what has happened, what they have done and what it was like back then, saying that life has only gone downhill since. When a highly miserable people vilify the past, they refer to it as being born in the wrong place at the wrong time, or life when they were a kid was unhappy and they never got what they wanted.

They love to pick fights

Every now and again a highly miserable person will pick a fight out of the blue with someone close to them. They usually pick a fight about something absurd and completely unrelated to their current situation. Secondly, they’ll expect that person to respond with kindness and sympathy and if they don’t, they’ll be quick to point it out. If however the other party mentions it again, they’ll be sure to make it seem as if they don’t know what they are talking about and that they never intended for the situation to occur. They’ll quickly act to be hurt and be the victim, even though they started the fight.

They are critical of everything

Nothing is good enough, nothing works and nothing makes a highly miserable person happy. They will be critical of everything whether people agree with them or not. Miserable people will always voice their opinion before everyone else. They will criticize something that someone loves just to make sure their point is heard. They love to antagonize and truly believe they are always right while everyone else is always wrong.

They worry too much

Worry makes people miserable, so a highly miserable person will make sure to do plenty of that! They won’t listen to reasons and will be obsessed with situations and things they have no control over. Worrying feeds into their misery so it’s only natural that these types of people are worrisome by nature.


Hindi kita pinautang dahil mapera ako. Alam ko ang pakiramdam ng wala ni kahit isang sentimo at ang pakiramdam na makiusap sa ibang tao para makahiram ng kahit magkano. Pero sana kapag nakaluwag ka na, maalala mo sana na minsan kang nakiusap para lang mapahiram ka... kaya huwag kang matapang kapag sinisingil ka. - post ng isang friend ko sa facebook. #laughtrip

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

cosmic calendar

what a great boobtube experience that was! neil tyson narrated what they called cosmic calendar, the essence of which was to chart the birth of the universe till the day when man invented writing 6,000 years ago. and the best possible way to make an outline that is easily understood is to use the current calendar. 40 million years correspond to one day and this would translate to each month as 1.2 billion years. below is how this event is recorded using our calendar:
january 1 – big bang happened.

march 13 – milky way was born.

august 31 – sun was born.

september 10 – earth was born.

september 21 – life on earth emerged. thereafter, the age of ocean monsters started.

december 17 – earth welcomed the first sea creature that stepped on land, allowing the appearance of several other species. life on earth exploded.

december 28 – the first flowering emerged, allowing further upsurge in living things on earth.

december 30 – an asteroid hit earth and forever changed life on the still young planet, killing off more than 90% of the living creatures.

december 31, 11:59:46 – man emerged, thanks to the cataclysmic asteroidal hit.

30,000 years ago – the first painting was made in the caves of western europe.

6,000 years ago – man finally invented writing, thanks to the earliest civilizations in tigris and euphrates rivers in what is now known as iraq.

and as they say, the rest was history.