Sunday, December 6, 2015

goodnight mommy

slow buildup leading to a squirm-inducing ending. that was what goodnight mommy was all about. all throughout its almost two-hour run, all i felt was unease and discomfort. it was not your usual horror fare where there was a ghost that haunts the main characters. what it leaves you is that eerie thought that a loved one can and may cause harm on you. there were many moments that left me squirming and the ride was all good.

this movie is about twin boys who live in a countryside home, they spend time playing with each other during summer break. their mother, an actress and a well-known celebrity, is unrecognizable after undergoing a radical medical procedure to repair her heavily damaged face due an accident. the twins are certain that the woman they come to live with is not their real mother. this is where the terror started… especially when the twins bound, gagged and shockingly glued the mother's lips. one of the squirm-inducing moments of the movie was when the twins cut the mother's lips and blood came out squirting. the body horror was not out of this world and its simplicity made it even more frightening because audiences can relate to this.

it is a well made film, the director perfectly executed subtle hints of horror in its first half before opening a good half of frightening horror. the dullness of countryside and modern style of the home were instrumental in creating an uncomfortable setting. the use of venetian blinds and the nighttime shots heightened the spookiness of the movie. then another master stroke was offered via an amusing 5-minute scene with two red cross workers. it was funny, yes. but it did not in any way diminish the horror and even eerily contrasted with the ending when the twins burned their mother to death and the twist was finally revealed that the other twin was already dead. of course, the acting was superb as the twins' faces devoid of any empathy perfectly contrasted with that of the mother who had to deal with the terror brought on by her own son.

goodnight mommy is one of the most compelling horror films i have seen. it's an absolute must-see, an emotionally draining ride into the darker realm of european countryside living.       

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