Wednesday, October 19, 2011


my last post was in early september. i've been busy the whole 2 months and expecting much more in the coming months. but in between all these hullaballoos called work, many exciting things have happened.

first, we've had our regular bi-monthly malling. it's a family affair, although not all members of berting's brood can join. simple dinner, some walks, some coffee but a whole lot of kuwentuhan and some dose of asaran. no fancy restaurants... just the regular joints where tita jo can still enjoy the food via her acquired taste. more than anything, these mallings are more for papa, who's not getting any form of exercise. so we thought that modern exercise called malling should be apt for him. they commute and stay beyond 11 pm, but it's all worth it.

next, i've had a mini SEA tour. i went to singapore early september for some planning session cum training. towards the end of the month, i was in bangkok and vientiane for some solo and me time. laos is not laos after all. i'll definitely come back. then, just a day after landing in manila from bangkok, i flew to singapore again for client meetings. my singapore trips allowed me to catch up with very good friends momi ruth, omar and kay.

october came and more work. but i'm not complaining.

chorvs, emmski and i had a blast in this year's spanish filmfest! i saw 7 movies throughout the festival. i'm now in changi airport for a 2 hour stopover, came from a quick trip to jakarta.

some vacation should be in the offing. i'm hoping to land a good deal again! it's the cheapo in me, you know. cheers!

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