Thursday, February 9, 2012


unfounded and absurd. this is the latest barrage of unsavory remarks about rafa nadal and the whole of spanish sports on doping allegations.

i don't know if it's a case of deep jealousy over spain's successes in various sports or frustrations over french athletes not winning any major tournaments in any sports or just plain and long standing dislike between neighbors. but it seems like the french media and some high profile names like yannick noah are continually raising negative ruckus about spanish sports in its entirety. while alberto contador was stripped of his 2010 titles, this doesn't mean that rafa and the rest of successful athletes from spain are winning because of doping.

granting that the above clip is a joke... but this is completely distasteful and absurd. please frenchies, junk your unfounded remarks and move on. maybe in 10 years, you'll start winning some... especially as you've actively recruited asian (mostly chinese) athletes to join your fold. laugh at your sporting failures and not dismember other country's successes through unfounded and silly generalizations.

rafa's no junkie. period.

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