Monday, May 12, 2014

pasta party

there's nothing like a sunday afternoon spent with the family. what's better was having a pasta party! it was a lazy sunday and the nova folks texted that the out-of-nowhere pasta party idea was pushing thru. good thing! hurriedly went to landmark trinoma to meet liz and izhi and bought ingredients for the shrimp marinara and sardines pasta. when we arrived at home, ate nice and ate bang also bought ingredients for their carbonara. preparing and cooking for an hour and we were enjoying the fruit of our labor around 8 PM. very nice!

what was really good about this pasta party was the involvement of the kids. ate bang and ate bea prepped the ingredients, with ate nice doing the bacon. kuya luis and izhi were on top of the toasting of the garlic bread and the strawberry smoothie as well. ate bang cooked the carbonara sauce. all nice and yummy! 

the folks were also able to try my spicy sardines pasta. two cans of 555 fried sardines hot and spicy, olive oil and lotsa garlic and onion. i refused to buy chili flakes so we settled for the good old siling labuyo to make it more interesting. one can add parsley. we forgot to buy parmesan cheese 'though. 

till our next pasta party!

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