Saturday, June 25, 2011

villains 2.0

villains once more. heading my top 20 list would still be hannibal lecter, although total film places him just below heath ledger's the joker. with lecter on top, the rest are in no particular order.

dr. hannibal lecter (the great anthony hopkins) in the silence of the lambs.

the joker (heath ledger) in the dark knight; emperor commodus (joaquin phoenix) in gladiator; alex forrest (glenn close) in fatal attraction; roger kint (kevin spacey) in the usual suspects.

pazuzu (the demon) in the exorcist; scar (voiced by jeremy irons) in the lion king; sgt. hartman (r. lee emrey) in full metal jacket; lord voldemort (ralph fiennes) in harry potter series.

magneto (ian mckellen) in x-men series; amon goeth (ralph fiennes) in schindler's list; capitan vidal (sergi lopez) in pan's labyrinth; jigsaw (tobin bell) in saw series.

jafar (voiced by jonathan freeman) in aladdin; chucky (brad dourif) in child's play; bill "the butcher" cutting (daniel day lewis) in gangs of new york; buffalo bill (ted levine) in the silence of the lambs.

anton chigurh (javier bardem) in no country for old men; baby jane hudson (bette davis) in whatever happened to baby jane; col. hans landa (christoph waltz) in inglourious basterds. [all pics courtesy of total film.]

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