Sunday, August 14, 2011


rainy day august as usual, but that didn't prevent me from celebrating my birthday. last year's celebration was a big one, so this year, it came back to the usual office kainan. i wasn't keen on throwing a blowout this year coz a lot of previous celebrators did not "make pakain". but the wise ms. karen asked me, "do you want to be identified with them (the ones who did not make pakain)?!" hahahaha! so it was a merienda of pancit habhab (lucban) and prosperity dimsum. aydisi usually buys a cake for the month's celebrator(s), but i was told that i have to pay for the cake first... oh well, just like almost everything! madam elke gave me an early birthday treat of hand sanitizer and that green tea kitkat!

it was almost just-an-ordinary-day, except that i spent the day replying to happy birthdays, maligayang kaarawan, HBDs... mainly on facebook and thru text. salamat ulit! late at night, we had a sur-fries party at mcdonald's madrigal. it was a happy birthday!

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