Monday, October 29, 2012


fresh from my phuket trip in june , i went straight to work. my very first thing to do was the special study on print and i needed to go to aklan to speak with akelco (aklan's answer to mega manila's meralco). akelco's office is in lezo so i hired a service van to go to the next town from marzon hotel in kalibo. i got earlier than our scheduled appointment so i had time to walk around lezo town.

lezo town is a sleepy small town. wikipedia says it is a 5th class municapality. it isn't similar to your next door quaint town where you'd see a strategic town plaza or a booming market. what caught my eye was the lezo church, which is located several steps from the municipal hall. the church's facade still bears some of its original design although some parts of it have already been modernized. inside the church, the roof was all changed to the usual covered court design and material. what's good is that the original walls are maintained.  

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