Wednesday, October 3, 2012


i went to some sort of southeast asian tour the past two weeks. my first stop was jakarta. traffic wasn't so bad when i got there early sunday afternoon. i got to ascott jakarta near plaza indonesia in 30 minutes. monday till wednesday, traffic turned awful. almost an hour was needed to go to our office in sudirman (near le meridien hotel) from ascott. everywhere there was traffic jam, even in side streets. one of the worst i've experienced really.anyway, jakarta's such a big and dynamic city. food's great and the people are generally nice.

ascott serviced apartment in jakarta isn't really cheap. breakfast is ok, not too bad. it's very close to plaza indonesia so i can get a takeaway meal for late night work. the serviced apartment felt old, as if you're in one of those 18th century mansions. although very spacious, for a quick business trip, you don't really get to use the living room. i stayed the whole time in the room where the internet cable is located and there's no wifi available. cleanliness was also a suspect, especially in the kitchen area. utensils were not changed and washed. next time, i'd request for another hotel.

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