Friday, October 31, 2014

juan flavier

i rarely get affected when a celebrity or a publicly known individual passes away. i guess this is where proximity, one of the eight elements of news, comes in as i don't know the celebrity on a personal basis. or there are just too many buwayas in politics that i don't really care at all.

but in those rare occasions when i get affected, the news sticks with me putting another element of news in motion, emotion. this is what happened when i learned of senator juan flavier's death. i got sad. of course i don't know him personally but the sad part of it was the knowledge that a good pinoy died. he was one of those rare politicos who wanted to serve and be of service. he put together high impact health programs such as doctors to the barrio, yosi kadiri, let's doh it, among others. one of the prime examples of service leaders. to top it all, his foray into politics was not driven by ill will of making money or to pursue ambitious gains of a higher office. i was hoping that he'd run again in 2010 but decided to quietly retire, went back to his old medical practice and private life. after all, his name was the first one i wrote among the 12 senators when i first voted in 2001. 

a true statesman, proud to be isko because of his example... salamat, senator juan flavier

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