Monday, October 27, 2014


travels are all about discovering new things, could be a new activity, new places, new happenings and new food. at the same time, travel is about those things that make you wonder time and again. and for me, i could not get done with a travel to thailand without a series of pictures depicting windows. more of these come from temples, as these have elaborate designs and ornate details.

when taking these pictures, one has to be wary of signs saying that pictures are not allowed. or else you may be violating temple rules. otherwise, it's perfectly fine to take pictures inside a wat. of course, one has to always remember to not use flash during picture taking. as most of the time i travel solo, my usual problem is how to have a picture with these great wat windows as my background. i'm not much of a selfie-r so i always have to ask somebody to take my picture. but not inside a temple. locals go here to pray and give thanks while most foreigners usually do not want to give favor such as this as a sign of courtesy. outside the wat, it's altogether a different matter. i can and will approach anyone to take my picture. as always, i have the reliable timer to rely on... only when there's a flat surface that i can put the camera on.

i will never get tired of taking pictures of wat windows. as ella wilcox puts it, "let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it." going back to bangkok in a while... see you agan, beautiful chiang mai!