Tuesday, June 3, 2014


from april this year, my posts became less and less. i only had 9 posts in april and even less in may. not that i didn't have anything to write about but because i have a lot on my plate these days. this does not have anything to do with dementors. yup, more of patronus these days! i'm so glad that negativity has passed and i'm involved in a lot more productive and something that i enjoy.

busyness is next business is the motto this time. a lot of talking, meeting. some ounce of showbiz-ing. lotsa legwork and more time with ppt. giving instructions here and there but because of lack of manpower, i always end up doing most of the things myself. don't get me wrong though.i'm not complaining. the amount of effort that i put in these days contribute a lot. at the same time, i'm learning a lot. yes, a lot of hardwork as always. but this time, it's something that will be felt. it's always nice to see that whatever you're leading and doing actually are brining fruition. what's even better is that your leadership will also have deep impact not only the members of your own team but also to some 15 more people whose bonuses are tied with the numbers you're bringing in.

this time, it's happy working. no more migraine-inducing issues. rather, deep thinking on scoping of requirements, recommending and selling the idea. slowly, we're seeing the results of our hardwork and the numbers are getting in. more in the pipeline and a lot more are coming.

i just hope that ultimately i will get rewarded. that people will realize the value that i bring in the table. i'm not the most ambitious and i have that oh-so-pinoy value of "di pagbuhat sa sariling bangko". but that brings you nowhere. i know i have to do some hyping but i expect that there will also be immediate and direct rewards. crossing my fingers...

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