Thursday, March 10, 2016


i'm not a photographer and i don't have any plans of becoming one. while some of my photos were shortlisted and was once selected as part of the company's employee calendar, taking photos is just one of those "happy things" that i like to do. before the era of digital cameras, i had my nice n-600 'automatic' camera. back in high school and college, one has to buy 24 shots film roll, have it loaded and snap photos during field trips, programs and of course, during graduation. after a roll was finished, i'd go to the trustworthy photo station at the corner of gen. luis and buenamar to have it developed. next step would be having the photos recopied (for family and friends), neatly organize them in an album and select 1 or 2 to be framed.

many years ago, i bought my first digital camera, a kodak. this cam allowed me to snap pics from memorable travels and pretty much anything. from my first trip to hong kong, china, indonesia and all domestic travels, i had this camera. i still have it but i rarely use it because i don't have a rechargeable set of double a batteries.

in 2006, i bought a motorola razr v3x… much to the chagrin of the 'premium' one. this handset boasted of 2 mp camera. but after 5 years of being together, moto blue left me. for a while, i refused to buy a new phone. my sister gave me a samsung feature phone, which i used until the moment when i had to buy a new one because of my november 2012 trip to korea. about a month before flying to seoul, i bought my starmobile astra at glorietta 4. this smartphone finally opened my horizon to the world of apps and the first one that i downloaded was instagram! of course, for the love of photos, i instantly got hooked. in no time, pictures taken from starmobile and even older pictures from my kodak and izhi's olympus digicam landed on my instagram account.

late 2014, my starmobile phone started acting up. while it still functions, i can still use it to take and edit photos and of course, call, text, surf, but i know it's time to get a new gadget. this was also the time when i wanted to have an underwater camera so quickly i ordered a pentax/ricoh cam on lazada. i first used this in my trip to catanduanes. as all other pictures, photos from pentax/ricoh also landed in my instagram.

throughout the rest of 2015, photos from my starmobile and pentax/ricoh were the staple. but in december 2015, i finally decided to convert and get an iphone 6s. yup, i decided to take the plunge, as aydisi peeps kept on hounding me that i have to have the phone. now, after nearly 3 months, my instagram account gets to show photos snapped thru iphone 6s. because of this, i have started to post a few pics on facebook again and even posted my first photos on twitter.

just this late morning, we were chatting about how getting a new gadget alters your behaviour. and true enough… i now look at zalora and lazada on mobile, activities that i exclusively do thru laptop in the past. i bookmarked a cheap gopro-like gadget that hopefully performs at par with the branded one. 

at the heart of this really is my love affair with photos. that joy brought about by keeping a record of a nice place, good food and unforgettable experience, as well as being able to share it with family and friends, and even with others. we all are visual beings and looking at and sharing very good photos are natural to us. now i wonder what new gadgets will come out and where would this love affair with photos take us. for the meantime, i will enjoy the beautiful snaps from my new phone and have them shared online. #awesomephotos

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