Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ping pong show 2

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vaginal prowess

anyway, after the two acts, two girls approached us to ask for tips for the ping pong girls. we were talking among ourselves, asking how much to give… when from out of nowhere, a sudden gush of water blew to our direction and completely doused mia. before we were made busy by the girls asking for tip, i already noticed that a girl came up to the stage and had two bottles. she was striking these bottles violently and it turned out that she needed this process in order for her to remove the bottle crown using her inner thigh and pelvic muscles, close to her vaginal canal. that third act was not enjoyable at all. we didn't know what kind of liquid was vaginally and forcefully siphoned to our direction but we knew that this was some soda water, otherwise it won't erupt like it did. i thought that they specifically did that to startle us so that we'd be forced or be fascinated to give a tip. unfortunately for them, we weren't… rounds one to three to the four cheapo pinoys!

the ladies asking for tips came back to their stations, as a new girl was coming on to the stage. she had a small basket of white ping pong balls. as experienced as she appeared to be, she took her bikini off and took to the position – flying V, with both legs spread eagled to our direction. the first ball came close to my direction, flew out of her vagina to her left. her succeeding balls still flew to her left and i felt that she was actually targeting me. but these first few balls still didn't have the accuracy and needed acceleration to travel far and beyond the sides of our table. however, just like a tennis ball machine used by rafa and maria during their trainings, the lady in no time got her groove on and soon was cannoning ping pong balls to our directions. i would imagine that this act would be similar how professor trelawney would have heaved her crystal balls towards death eaters in the final chapter of harry potter! her talented vagina and its marvelous might continued to fling cannon throws to our direction that arms even picked one of those wet balls. after about 20 balls flung, pitched and lobbed here and there, the act was finished. while arms picked one with her bare hand, the chiwariwap girls actually had catch basket to pick up the ping pong balls. clapping our hands, i think this is what we hoped to see. looking back, we thought that she actually needed to insert one or two ping pong balls inside her vagina in order to fling the balls out. similar to how bata reyes or django would sargo nine balls in billiards, she would need a cue ball to slingshot the ball on top to her audience's direction. we won't know for sure.

after this one, the girls came up to us again to ask for tip. and again, we told them that we'd give a little later. in what would be the final act of this show, a girl came on to the stage holding a quasi-cake with around 12 esperma-looking candles. she sat on stage, lit all the candles and took to that now familiar position. spread-eagled with the cake in front of her vagina, she started to blow the candles… one by one! with her vast experience, she put out the candlelight as methodical as nadal would put away a forehand winner. the candles were arranged in three rows, four candles on each and her vaginal blows were accurately aimed at only one candle each time. you would imagine that her orifice, as wide as it is, would spread the blows uncontrollably that all or at least two candlelight will be put off. but her amazing vaginal prowess came with athlete-like control that she was able to direct the air deliberately. at that point, i was amazed… two yeses from me! of course, she might be using some version of tooter to blow air from her vagina, otherwise the air would just be released ala fart.

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