Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ping pong show 4

[fourth and final entry]
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exact visual SLAs

in hindsight, anyone who ventures in these kinds of adventures ought not to expect to be treated professionally. as seedy as it is, prostitution differs in form and having the money does not necessarily ensure that you'd have the upperhand or the power to demand what you can see. people involved in these kinds of acts have to resort to various forms of dupes since these actually put the balance of power in their favor. such empowerment means getting the biggest possible payout for a night's show… as they say, all in a day's work. people should venture at their own risk and anyone could really get more than, verbal abuse in foreign language included, what they bargained for. ping pong shows are definitely not your usual commercial transactions where you can stipulate exact visual SLAs and get your money's worth. 

i just wonder how much do those ping pong girls make in a day. of course, you can easily sense that they're veterans of the skin trade, probably started out as typical bargirls and as they grew older, graduated to performing improbable acts that exhibit the harnessed power of vaginal linings and pelvic muscles. most, if not all, these girls may have been trafficked from thai provinces or from neighboring countries like cambodia, burma or laos, doomed to ply in a grimy industry. through them, a whole lot of people like the aizas, mama sans, waiters and even those zero energy bargirls get paid. sadly, by becoming willing victims of this tourist trap, we unintentionally contributed to human trafficking and slavery. while a part of me still believe that these women are also willing victims of their plight, they also deserve to have further choices in life other than using physical torture to earn a living and being totally at mercy of the fat mama sans.     

curiosity snuffed out and egos bruised, we hopped on a taxi hoping to be transported to more familiar and wholesome treats. but as if the aizas and mama sans from bangkok heavens were conspiring against us, the taxi driver brought us to another girlie bar, tucked away in one of bangkok's seedy dark corners around phetchaburi road. we wanted to go to clean joints where you can have beer and chitchat without any touts hovering. as jan puts it, a bar where you can bring your family along, to which the taxi driver answered, "go back to your hotel and sleep!" we ended up in a deserted siam square and we decided that it's best to walk… cross rama road, go back to phaya thai road and on to ratchatewi bts station. jumbo singha beer at hand, we're glad that we're back to that good old clean fun… although we felt that we shouldn't have been charged 30 baht for ice. 

chalked up the ping pong show to experience, with manny pacquiao in the background saying, "now you know!", we called it a night… ping pong pat pong night. 

ping pong balls will never look the same again.

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