Monday, September 23, 2013

the voice ph

as we all know, radha, paolo onesa, morisette amon and thor all went home last night. that was 0-4 for me. what a nice record... it was as if all my favorite tennis players lost at the same day in a grand slam. myk perez is ok, i didn't mind him edging paolo although last night he sounded almost exactly as bamboo. sarah geronimo made the right choice as klarisse de guzman was the better singer in her team last night. janice javier did bring the house down but of course it would've been a lot better had thor advanced. mitoy? hmmmm... let's just say that i fully agreed with coach lea salonga's 45% score for him. she could have made it even lower as clearly, it was radha who performed better and has greater musicality.

with all my bets gone, i'll cheer for janice, klarisse and myk... in that order. enough of mitoy please. #TheVoicePH

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